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Festival Dantzaldia 2013, La Fundición by Maria Salgado

CND Jovenes creadores, Museo Guggenheim Bilbao


Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, 16 Octubre 2013


La Fundición programming and activities are one of the sociocultural events and this time, not only for the important shows that gathers around the performing arts, but something more significant: the role assumed in the field of cultural management.

La Fundición is now a confluence of arts and artists, agencies, private partners and public institutions and a channel for communication of the different languages and their interrelationships. A necessary window to new trends.

A definite landmark in the national and international circuit creation. A private initiative, with a commitment to active participation in the dissemination of artistic lines and in coordination with other agencies and projects, representing a focus of contemporaneity.

Fachada, La Fudición. 


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